The Community is managed by an executive committee made up of the following individuals.


The community has adopted the four traffic circles in the neighborhood, and members have signed up to maintain them.  Maintenance involves picking up any litter in or near the circle at least monthly and sending an email to wandling42@gmail.com noting when the work was done.  Attach a picture if you can. There are four circles.

  • Armisted at Victoria - Adopted by Kevin Steele - Thanks you.
  • Victoria at Wriothesly - Adopted by Carol Lawsing Seymour
  • Armistead at Newport News - Available for adoption.  Contact John Wandling
  • Victoria at Grace - Adopted by Dave Johnson


The Landscape Committee is headed by Kevin Steel.  The committee is responsible for annual mowing of the liriope and pruning the live oak in December or January.  If you would like to be a part of the landscape committee send an email to  drsteelescmg@gmail.com