This is the schedule for practices and regattas.  There may be a few changes so check here often to keep up to date.  Wish you all good luck and great sailing. - Coach John


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  2. Assembly time for all regattas 8:15 am
  3. Assembly time for afternoon regatta Oct 25th TBD (Probably ASAP after school).
  4. Key to Venue Abbreviations:
  5. Practices are held at Kingsmill Marina.  In the event of bad weather we will have a dry land meeting at school

IMPORTANT!! Each week on Monday, Coach will email an invite to that week’s regatta.  Please respond by the end of the day on Tuesday with either a “yes” or a “no”.  Or email me.  No “Maybe” please.   If you are having trouble getting a ride, email me and I’ll work on finding you one.   

Walsingham Academy Sailing Trojans


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