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Useful Tools  Here is a great chart plotting tool that will give you the ability to chart where you are and what the current is likely to be doing: OpenCPN Chart Plotting  Another useful tool for smartphones is “PocketGrib”(search for it where you get smartphone apps.  It will let you define a rectangular area on a basic map, and download and view the wind forecast in that area.  “Grib” stands for “Gridded Binary or General Regularly distributed information and is the format of the data.  It is presented graphically as an overlay to the geographic area you picked, as a series of symbols that consist of a long staff with a number of shorter staffs connected at.  the long staff points to the wind direction, and the short staffs indicate velocity a full short shaft indicates 10 knots while a half short shaft indicates 5.  So, a  long staff running SE to NW with 2 shorter shafts and 1 half staff at the eastern end would indicate wind from the SE at 25 knots.  The above makes a lot more sense if you download the app and try it out.  I think it costs a few bucks.

SAILZING - A great site for sailors - All kinds of good stuff here.

    Youth Sailing Virginia
                         (Our practice venue)