A typical practice Day:

3:30 pm  - Sailors Arrive dressed for sailing.
3:35 pm  - Chalk talk practice goals and drills
3:40 pm  - Sailors rig boats, sail to practice area
4:00 - 6:00 pm - Practice on Water, sail to dock
6:00 pm  -  Sailors on shore - downrig boats
6:15 pm  -  Practice de-brief,
6:20 pm  -  Sailors depart/get picked up

NOTE:  If you are picked up by other than a parent, please have a note
            from a parent or guardian indicating the name of the person picking
            you up and the date.


What you will need for Practices and Regattas:

(1) Lifejacket  (2) Helmet  (3) Swimsuit
(4) Water Shoes  (5) Water Bottle
(6) Sunglasses  (7) Rash-shirt
(8) Sunscreen  (9) Whistle  (10) Bailer
(11) Sailing Gloves

(1)   REI lists a whitewater helmet for under $30.00 that would be suitable.
(2)  They have a nice compact life jacket for about $100.00. Please pick a bright color.
(3)  Get “croakies” for your sunglasses or some type that stay with you.
(4)  Attach your whistle to your life jacket with a lanyard.
(5)  You can make a suitable bailer by cutting the top off of a plastic bleach or detergent bottle, keep the handle intact so you can “scoop” water out of your boat.

ALERT:  For early spring and late fall sailing, a medium to heavy weight wet suit is recommended especially when water temp is under 60 degrees.  Dry suits are really nice, but kind of expensive.  If you capsize you will usually be in the water only a few minutes.

Walsingham Academy Sailing Trojans


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