A typical practice Day:

3:30 pm  - Sailors Arrive dressed for sailing.
3:35 pm  - Chalk talk practice goals and drills
3:40 pm  - Sailors rig boats, sail to practice area
4:00 - 5:30 pm - Practice on Water, sail to dock
5:30 pm  -  Sailors on shore - downrig boats
5:50 pm  -  Practice de-brief,
6:00 pm  -  Sailors depart/get picked up

NOTE:  If you are picked up by other than a parent, please have a note from a parent or guardian indicating the name of the person picking you up and the date.


What you will need for Practices and Regattas:

(1) Lifejacket  (2) Helmet  (3) Swimsuit
(4) Water Shoes  (5) Water Bottle
(6) Sunglasses  (7) Rash-shirt
(8) Sunscreen  (9) Whistle  (10) Bailer
(11) Sailing Gloves (12) wet suit for cold water

(1)   REI lists a whitewater helmet for under $30.00 that would be suitable.
(2)  They have a nice compact life jacket for about $100.00. Please pick a bright color.
(3)  Get “croakies” for your sunglasses or some type that stay with you.
(4)  Attach your whistle to your life jacket with a lanyard.
(5)  You can make a suitable bailer by cutting the top off of a plastic bleach or detergent bottle, keep the handle intact so you can “scoop” water out of your boat.

High School Sailing